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Dr. T's "Talk to Me Nice" Cream

This simple 3 ingredient recipe is a sweet treat that you can actually have for breakfast,lunch and dinner guilt free! "Nice" creams are a great healthy alternative to dairy based ice cream. "Nice" creams typically are defined as using bananas to give the sweetness and thick consistency of ice cream sans the dairy. I call it the "Talk to Me Nice" cream because when you make this ... you do NOT want to share --- so whoever is watching you eat this better talk to you nice :) to even stand a chance of getting their own bowl.


· Ginger ( I get mine frozen in cubes from Trader Joes)

· Frozen Pineapples (can also be fresh)

· Ripe Bananas (can be fresh if your pineapples are frozen, otherwise slice up bananas once ripe, place in freezer before use)


Blend banana, one cube of frozen ginger, and handful of frozen pineapples. Can adjust and add more or less of each ingredient depending on the amount of servings needed. You can also add a plant based milk if you would like. I made this recipe without any additional liquid. I may try this with Macadamia nut milk in the future.

Once blended to your desired consistency, enjoy!

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