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Dr. T's "Talk to Me Nice" Cream

This simple 3 ingredient recipe is a sweet treat that you can actually have for breakfast,lunch and dinner guilt free! "Nice" creams are a great healthy alternative to dairy based ice cream. "Nice" creams typically are defined as using bananas to give the sweetness and thick consistency of ice cream sans the dairy. I call it the "Talk to Me Nice" cream because when you make this ... you do NOT want to share --- so whoever is watching you eat this better talk to you nice :) to even stand a chance of getting their own bowl.


· Ginger ( I get mine frozen in cubes from Trader Joes)

· Frozen Pineapples (can also be fresh)

· Ripe Bananas (can be fresh if your pineapples are frozen, otherwise slice up bananas once ripe, place in freezer before use)