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Dr. T's Plant Based Charcuterie Board


  • Raw Veggies Choose red /yellow bell pepper , cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, and/or cherry tomatoes. You want a variety of colors that will pop on the board.

  • Fresh/Dried Fruit: Great options include grapes, strawberries, blueberries and mandarin oranges. Consider dried fruit like raisin, craisins, figs and my fav – dried goji berries.

  • Nuts/Others: Consider unsalted nuts such cashews, almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts. I also like roasted chickpeas (I use the Biena brand). Dried Portabella mushrooms are also one my favorite quirky additions. on my board. Adding a bit of dark chocolate for that sweetness is always a nice touch. My go to bars are Theo Chocolates.

  • Crackers/Breads: You can make your own bread or get a store bought loaf. I personally like crackers and opt for whole wheat and rosemary options. Easy to dip or make a mini faux meat/cheese sandwich.

  • Vegan Meats/Cheese: Follow Your Heart and Daiya are great vegan cheese brands. Also consider Violife and Miyoko’s. I took Daiya “cheese” sticks and cut them into cubes for my boards. You can also use vegan cheese slices. I like to use plant based meats like jerky and plant based deli slices. I used Louisville Vegan Jerky and Tofurky deli slices for my board.

  • Dips: I love a good dip. A bean based dip is fiber filled and super filling. My go to is hummus which I try to make fun by making my own or getting a flavored option low in sodium. I tend to gravitate towards Sundried tomato hummus. You can also use guacamole, salsa, or whatever excites your palate. Get creative!